Nature Sense is about coming back home.  Reconnecting to the earth beneath our feet and sand between our toes .. diving into the ocean and playing, exploring and adventuring within Nature.  It’s about being back in the real world.

Nature Sense is about healing our core sense.  About reigniting our five senses.  The technological world that we live in for the most part just requires a two dimensional existence.  Two senses.  Much of what human nature has spent the last 200,000 years developing, we’re simply no longer using.  And we miss that.

At Nature Sense we are bringing people back outside.  To heal inside.  It’s about Re-Wilding. Nature Sense is delivered in many exciting and diverse way – through courses, camps, therapies and events for adults, children and families to inspire, immerse and inform you about the natural world.  And it feels good.

Nature Sense are specialists in nature awareness, outdoor education, bushcraft, and therapies for everyone – adults and children alike as well as environmental organisations, corporate and private groups.

We  think ourselves so advanced..
we think we know it all and have so much…

We know why bees are attracted to flowers – but we forget to smell the roses
Alberto Villoldo

Nature Sense reWilding

Nature Sense reWilding

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