Surf, stand-up and kite

Stand up Paddle Surf and Kite Surf are all very popular in Tarifa – a mecca for the wind n’ sea sports.  But what is it about Kiting and Paddle that have hooked people?  Both sports are ideal for a holiday as you can take them up and learn quite quickly .. for paddle surf .. often on your first try.  But they are also sports that can reach ever bigger challenges as you take your skill from calmer waters to waves.   But in Tarifa there’s never the pressure.

Sunset and Surf Nature Sense

Sunset and Surf Nature Sense

Stand Up Paddle:

For paddle surf – also known as SUP – we do trips around the island on calm days or to secret beaches on more windy days.  You simply just stand on the surf board and paddle.  Enjoying the wonder of the sea around and below.  And for the more experienced, you can take the waves and seamlessly glide around the surfers or just enjoy the elements.

Surf Francis Billet nature sense

Tarifa Surf n Sup with Francis

Kite Surfing:
In Kiting – there’s the glamorous and fast thrill.  But again, with not much time, you can be in the sky with your feet in the sea!  Yes!   Mastering it is of course something else!

Some want to learn, some already know.  We also organise straightforward rental of equipment  as well as lessons.  All rentals and courses include  boards, paddle, wetsuit.

SUP:Yoga and a splash of mindfulness in Nature.   Just drop us a note from the form below for more information.   weekends and holidays – which are the perfect caaaaaalmmm!

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