At the core of Nature Sense is Nature and it’s Healing.  But it is realised – dare we say it .. Naturally!

Our range of expertise and experience includes camps, holidays and courses. We provide education events and programmes for schools and youth groups; training courses for professionals working as therapists to compliment and add to their practice.  We also work with environmental education and provide expertly managed corporate events and teambuilding.

Nature Sense courses and camps are based on our specialist skills and knowledge of bushcraft, survival skills, fieldcraft, wildlife and nature awareness.  Underpinning all of this is an awareness of personal development through being in Nature or through our more specific Adventure and Art courses.  All workshops, retreats and events are complimented with time exploring and working within Nature, be it coastal or as they say here in Spain – in the Campo –  the countryside. We work with our own experienced and professional team together with a regional network of specialists to provide courses and events of the highest quality – from kids camps and family holidays to bushcraft and one on one therapy.

Key features of Nature Sense events include direct, hands-on experiences, skills development, recreational learning and environmental appreciation. Depending on the season his can mean getting wild n’muddy or hot and happy!

What is special about your time with Nature Sense is that the challenging, therapeutic and creative opportunities we offer expands your understanding of the value and meaning of our relationship to the natural world.

All our events are held in inspiring and beautiful Andalucian locations. We also travel to Morocco, just 35 minuites from our Tarifa base.


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