Food with a Natural Twist


Goat Farm

Big Cheese with Nature Sense

Getting the goat. Antonio and Josefa are local farmers, who have lived the traditional Andalucian way all their lives. We will visit their wonderful farm in the National Park, to see their amazing collection of goats, sheep, pigs, cattle, chickens and doves all living free range under the ancient cork oaks. If we are lucky we will be able to witness one of the animals giving birth, but we will certainly be able to feed some of the baby farm animals. One of the highlights of the visit, will be Josefa demonstrating how to make fresh goats cheese. These cheeses and many other home made items will be available to buy from them afterwards.

3 to 4 hours €30:  Group rates reduction


Eco Farming Tarifa

Good life Andalucian Style

The Good Life. We will visit a local farm to see how a community has become self sufficient. People from all over Europe live here and lead a eco way of life. The project leader will describe how the solar power works, how they grow their own vegetables, milk their own goats and make yogurts and cheeses, how they are using eco-building techniques to renovate the traditional buildings and how they organise themselves cooperatively.

3 to 4 hours €25:  Group rates reduction


Star Sky Nature Sense

Picnic under the stars, experience the magic of nature at night

Midnight feast and stars over Africa. We will guide you on a starlight walk under Europe’s clearest skies. Walking along the beach we will arrive at a magical spot over looking Africa, where we will teach you the names and the legends of the great constellations, show you the planets and the milky way through binoculars and telescopes. Our bushcraft expert will also teach you how to navigate using just the stars as the ancients did in this very spot. When we have finished we will open your hamper of food and wine and you can eat your evening meal watching the moon rise over Africa.

3 to 4 hours €50:  Group rates reduction.


Traditional Bread Making

Traditional Bread Making with Nature Sense

Bread matters. One of the secrets of Tarifa is its own unique bread, baked the way it has been for centuries. We will go to one of the last surviving water mills in Andalucia and watch the wheat ground into flower between the giant millstones. Then see how the baker makes this traditional bread in the traditional domed wood fired bread ovens. You will be able to watch and participate in the whole process, including baking your own loaf. At the end you will be able to sample the breads, with a selection of local olive oil and hand made cheeses.

3 to 4 hours €50:  Group rates reduction.


 Cave Paleo

Cave Man Paleo diet with Nature Sense

The Paleo or “Caveman” diet refers to the Paleolithic age, between 2.5 million and 10,000 years ago when hunter gatherers walked the earth. In these times, there were no fast food outlets and man had to live off the land eating fresh meat, berries, root vegetables, nuts and seeds.  We will start our day will be spent immersed in the Nature, trekking, bathing in rock pools or the ocean, tracking down natural springs and foraging for wild foods and animals. When the going gets touch we will be shading in the forests and dining on the gifts of Andalucia but in accordance to the Paleo diet : and here in this part of Andalucia as with the hunter gatherers who crossed the land bridge, depending on the season we will feast on birds such as Quail or savour the fish which have a diversity you’d expect from a point where two seas meet … and of course the animals graze free in the natural park. With the surrounds having been wetlands there’s lush pickings in the form of Almonds, Olives, Oranges, Avocados, Pumpkins, Strawberries, Tomatoes .. the list is of course endless with the combination of sun to release the flavours.  We will present you with a guide menu to suit post booking.

3 to 4 hours €50:  Group rates reduction.

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