May Tarifa, Spain


Waves Nature Sense

Powerful Nature. Natural Woman

Set in the wild Andalusian heart of nature, from mountains to sea, rivers, pine forests and dunes. This retreat will unearth the defining aspects of women through the ages, from the Magical, Animal to Warrior Woman. The aim to unearth a greater honesty and deep seated strength from within ourselves, ultimately revealing a more harmonious and peaceful Natural Woman for our life today.

For millennia women were healers, were respected, were in harmony with their tribe, their surroundings.  Now, our instincts are derided, in the past even feared.  We are now in a time where having a ‘feeling’ about something is considered somewhat fluffy headed!; We’re in a time where there’s a god, but bizarrely no goddess;  a world that discourages feminine values giving special consideration to masculine priorities.  Women ‘regarded’ as having supporting roles.  But in practice often the contrary.   And it’s got us out of sync.

Balance is no more.  Relationships now involve two players in distorted roles.  Not just women’s but men’s essence is being suppressed, even rejected.  Many women have become numb to who or how they can be. What being a woman even means.  For some living unconsciously in difficult or resigning situations simply accumulating and discarding.  Empty of purpose.

Free in Nature Sense

Freedom to be you in Nature. Natural Woman

We are Waking up. The pace of this women’s course or retreat is defined by it’s natural and unwinding pace.  In it we will be learning how to access and express the richness of our potential. How to live without escapism, yet with full responsibility.  Revealing our buried potentials. To become whole.

The WoodsWoman is about discovering who we are and what we want with out fear.  Understanding that being honest with ourselves and in turn with others is easier, not something to be fearful.

We will be reflecting on days when we lived in dependance and respect with Nature we hope to bring back the completeness in all relationships.  From ourselves, to each other, to the world on which we depend.


Nature Sense                          Woods Woman

The Course:

Each Day has a different natural geography lending a metaphor to the exploration of the day with a story wrapping around each theme.
Mornings will have a stronger more physical rhythm with new nature based and first people skills and understandings introduced. Lunches will be healthy and natural from the surrounding area.  
Our afternoons will have an easier pace to facilitate explorations in related talks on our morning adventures and explorations complete with iced drinks and sunset relaxation.

Details:    Cost: Individual £975 – ( group costs differ)
Date: May 2021.
Transport & Accommodation not included.
Prices of Accommodation vary, depending on final group.

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