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Bouldering and Climbing in Tarifa: Southern Spain

Our experts in Climbing Chris and Sabine, have lived in Tarifa for many years.

Nature Sense

Climbing in Tarifa with Chris

They know the mountains here like no other.  With them, you are in the safest and  the most knowledgeable hands.  Your experience will be the best in Andalucia.

The rock of the rock climbing area San Bartolome in Tarifa is wind protected and offers –  due to the mild climate – great rock climbing fun by the sea the whole year around. The rock consists of compact sand- and limestone and has a good, unpolished quality. The majority of the climbing routes are up to 25 meters, also there are some multi- pitchroutes up to 80 meters. There are many different rock climbing spots waiting for you to be climbed!  Rocks of all kinds and with a big variety of levels. Slabs, verticals, overhangsā€¦



Moon Climb

Moon Climb Adventures in Nature with Nature Sense Climbing

Rock climbing at full moon:  A very special challenge with an amazing view to Africa!  Topped with a Spanish picnic at midnight!

Adventure St. Michaels Cave, Gibraltar:  Just 45 minuites from Tarifa this  3 hour cave tour with easy rock climbing and abseiling is a true adventure.  Discovered in the second world war, even has it’s own underground lake.


Weekend or Week combinations:

Walk and Climb: Alternating the challenge of the climb with a peaceful exploration of the

Mountains Sea Climb

Climb and Kite with Nature Sense

caves and canyons normally hidden to the every day visitor.

Boulder and Bike:  Combine and alternate Climbing Compact with Mountain Biking in the wild Mountains.

Kite and Climb:  Combining the land and sea challenge.  Wind and Rock.

Yoga and Climbing:  Two comprehensive forms of movements in perfect
Harmony. The teamwork of Yoga and rockclimbing trains flexibility, vital energy and power.
Yoga– involving synchronizing the breath with a dynamic series of postures. Rockclimbing with a light and strong body and a calm, relaxed mind.



Nature Sense Climb

Nature Sense Climb

Learning how to climb in Tarifa means fun!

Beginners Workshops: A gentle start to climbing. For all those who would like to discover if this sport is for them. The aim here is to experience something new and have great fun!

Top Rope: Teaching you the basic skills which will let you enjoy climbing including it’s general material understanding, safety engineering, abseiling and knots. The goal is independent climbing and belaying using the top rope (the rope already hanging at the rock)

Tree and rock climb

Adventures in Nature with Nature Sense Climbing

Leading course: the priority here is to learn safety leading in the climb. Here you will be introduced to expanded material skills, climbing techniques and tactics, also how to calculate risks as well as planning good routes.
The target of this course is independent climbing on the rock with a partner.
Qualification for this level is experience in top rope climbing like described basic course.


Compact course: This is for all those who like to climb while learning new technics to upgrade their skills. This course covers 3 sessions in a week of 3 hours each:

Build up: Depending on your own knowledge and ability this course is created to
improve your basic or already advanced skills.

Kids Climb

Family Adventures in Nature with Nature Sense Climbing


Kids Climbing:  Climbing courses for children: for children 5 years and up. This gives them the basic skills of climbing.The priority is learning with fun.  Rockclimbing on natural rocks supports respect and understanding for the nature and creates flexibility, power and stamina of the body.



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