One on One

All the traditional issues that are normally associated with psychotherapy have now been taken outside.   So where once you had a room with the infamous box of tissues .. now you have your appointments on the beach, in the woods, by the fire.  It’s more natural but infinitely more important – your session is more effective.

Please see our parent site at BMCC for detail and insight into presenting issues, but understand that these issues are now treated in the forgiving environment of Nature.

Sessions are slightly longer that traditional consultation rooms, as we’ve found our clients just don’t want the sessions to stop!  Despite the gravity of any issue .. the environment is always a comfort and even a joy.

Therapy Dynamics

Adults:  One on One Private:  All issues.
Also – Workshops (20 people plus).  Retreats (Between 7 and 14 people).
Couples:  Private and group.
Families:  Usually one family  — however often on our combined Bushcamp family therapy events we have a few families together.  This has an effect of more fun, but still having private time to address concerns or issues.

Residental or Non residential depending on the therapy option

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