Caveman Paleo

A weekend, wrapped around brimmingly healthy food.  Caveman Style!

Alarm bells to be addressed first …  No, this does not mean you’ll be living in cave (but for those that want that … we can arrange it!)  Luxury accommodation aside…



This is a weekend to complement, or just try out, the Paleo diet or popularly called – Caveman diet …  It’s about eating according to how our bodies evolved.  As with all things Nature Sense .. harmony with Nature is key.

Here’s what Sanitas says about the Paleo diet  .. (Spain’s foremost health insurance organisation)

What is the Paleo Caveman Diet? The Paleo or “Caveman” diet refers to the Paleolithic age, between 2.5 million and 10,000 years ago when hunter gatherers walked the earth. In these times, there were no fast food outlets and man had to live off the land eating fresh meat, berries, root vegetables, nuts and seeds.This meant that people of this era were actually eating a low carb, low fat diet which not only made them strong and healthy but also gave them fantastic energy levels which they would need to hunt for food, not to mention protecting themselves from the odd Tyrannosaurus Rex!According to many dietary experts and physicians, our bodies are not designed to eat many of the processed foods that we eat today and that these only lead to health issues.So the aim of the Paleo diet is to get us to drop the processed foods from our diets and adopt healthier eating habits made up of more fruits, vegetables, nuts and lean meats.

Paleo Diet, caveman breakfast

Paleo Diet, Caveman Breakfast with Nature Sense

What Can I Eat on the Caveman Diet?  There are many nutritious and healthy foods that you can eat on the Paleo Caveman diet including Fish : Chicken : Meat: Free Range Eggs : Fruit : Root Vegetables : Berries : Nuts and Seeds:

Your Stay: From our base in Tarifa, Andalucia – on your chosen days, you will wake up in a place where the Atlantic meets the Mediterranean watching the mountains of Africa rise from the heat mist of the day.  We will spend our times in the Nature, trekking, bathing in rock pools or the ocean, tracking down natural springs and foraging for wild foods and animals.  When the going gets touch we will be shading in the forests.  In the evenings winding down with a massage or whatever it was the cave man did before TV!

Phesant Faisan

Birds in Nature Sense

Your Food:
In this part of Andalucia the birds such as Quail abound, the fish have a diversity you’d expect from a point where two seas meet … and the animals graze free in the natural park. With the surrounds having been wetlands there’s lush pickings in the form of Almonds, Olives, Oranges, Avocados, Pumpkins, Strawberries, Tomatoes .. the list is of course endless with the combination of sun to release the flavours.

Who does this holiday suit?   Adults and indeed Families who are interested in good food and day time adventures!  All Nature Sense holidays are tailored to the group and the individual within.   With the low to no dairy and wheat breads in the Paleo diet this also suits gluten free and lactose intolerant diets.

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