Forest Bathing

Core to Nature Sense is ‘Going Outside to Heal Inside‘.  Fiona Austin, our head therapist has been bringing people into the forests, the beach, to Nature – to heal for many years.  “Forests especially provide a profound support and disseminator for so much of the modern malaise of depression, being overwhelmed, insomnia .. it relaxes the body, the mind”.   But this is nothing new… Aside from being the wisdom of our ancestors, the forest was also their medicine chest of choice!   CJ Jung, one of the godfather’s of Psychology considered “Natural life to be the the Nourishing Soil of the Soul”.

Shinrin Yoku Forest bathing therapy NatureSenseBut for each person, the discovery is new.  No matter when.  But for some Nature has become an alien territory – or is that relaxing has become alien!  But with NatureSense we guide you gently and when you do feel the healing power of nature; it’s peace surrounded by so much positive and nonjudgmental life – it feels like coming home.  There’s great comfort simply being in peace, outside.

Very often when we have a problem – it comes “in on us”.  To coin a phrase – we can’t “see the wood for the trees”  …. Going outside, going into Nature – Forest Bathing, EcoTherapy, Life Coaching – call it what you will .. even simply being a friend – is just about helping someone to just think clearly.  But in the right surroundings – it can be all the more moving. A whole forest of trees for support.  When the connection is learned, when you are guided, it is an experience to be beheld.

Forest Bathing is a loose translation of the Japanese Shinrin-yoku: In that it’s a cure, a  medicine for the soul.   Nature Sense – combines the understanding of life’s modern demands with a way to access relaxation, clarity and peace.

What is wondrous about Forest Bathing in Tarifa, is that the forest there, takes you down to the sea.  The combination can be ecstatic and life changing.    David S – client testimony

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We have individual and workshop programmes in Forest Bathing for Stress, Depression, Insomnia amongst other concerns.

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