Nature Reconnection

An opportunity to recharge and reconnect

We all posses Common Sense but what is our Nature Sense?

In the last 100 years we’ve evolved at such a pace that we’ve lost a lot of what we now only see in children’s storybooks. Joy, Wonder and Adventure. Many of us have lost that ability to be right in the moment; with a feeling of relaxed disconnect from 21st century worries. A feeling to be truly happy, being outside and connected with nature and the natural world.

Nature Sense is a programme that reintroduces simplicity and peace to our lives, through an immersion in Nature.

We will guide you through a series of adventures, games and workshops that will help you reconnect with your natural self. These will include:

Bushcraft: Taught by one of our Bushmen we will learn all about the bushcraft classics. How to make fire, build our own shelters, find wonderful wild foods, track wild animals and cook wonderful meals over a campfire under the incredible Andalucían stars.
Exploration: Fiona and her team will lead a series of walks into this stunning unspoilt wilderness, to waterfalls, wild beaches and magical forests. Here we will discover all about the wildlife and engage in play and exploration to help find our nature sense.
Excitement: we will organise moonlight climbs, mountain biking treks, kite/wind surf lesson or horse riding along the beaches.
Relaxation: Fiona will lead a series of exercises, meditations and games to help us calm our minds and relax our bodies. Using nature as backdrop you will feel the stresses and strains of 21st century living just drop away as you reconnect with nature, your family and yourself.

Nature Sense is a unique programme designed by NatureSense that has a hugely beneficial effect on out health, our minds and our relationships. It helps to unlock the incredible potential and creativity locked within us.

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