Native in Nature


Camp Fire - Nature Sense Base

Learning the ways of building fires

Fire lighting masterclass.   Join one of Europe’s top bushcraft instructors who will teach all you need to know about successful fire lighting. You will learn how the ancients lit their fires, and unearth the secrets of the North American Indians, the Australian Aborigine and the Bushman of the Kalahari. We will practice the six different ways of starting a fire, learn about wood selections, how to lay a fire, how to cook on it and the use of fire in signaling. This will be based at our stunning bushcraft basecamp.    Light Lunch / Diner included.

3 to 4 hours €40:  Group rates reduction.


Building a Hut with Nature Sense

How to survive in the wild with your own Hut

A hut from Home. Looking at how native people construct and create homes is often eye opening when we compare the modern house with its gadgets, its size and the way it is constructed, often from toxic materials; to the beautiful simplicity and elegant construction of what we may call a temporary shelter. The intrinsic strength and flexibility of the materials we use to construct these family homes are a metaphor for us in the 21st century world. For our own strength and flexibility, our own ‘naturalness’ hidden under layers of conditioning.

3 to 4 hours €40:  Group rates reduction.


Knife Sense in Nature

Learning how to use a variety of knives in the wild.

Chop and Challenge It’s about time the woodsmen started chopping! Here we will learn all about how to make and use primitive tools. From the most basic flint knives, to arrow heads, wedges, scrapers and axes. With these tools, we will make something to take away with us – something to hold the energy of our time together in the woods. This will help us to remember who we really are when we return to our own lives.

3 hours €30:  Group rates reduction.


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