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Reveal the new you. Join us for a unique Spa experience. We will take you to a beautiful beach, where there are rare mineral rich clays, which people have used for centuries for toning and cleansing the skin. Our resident yoga teacher will lead a flowing yoga class allowing you to unwind and stretch. After which you will apply these wonderful clays to your skin, and then bathing in the warm ocean with a guided deep relaxation, leaving you feeling rejuvenated, peaceful and with an inner and outer glow.

3  hours €35:  Group rates reduction.


We can arrange your Massage to compliment one of our Programmes at our recommended Private Salon here in Tarifa; or for our therapist to go your Hotel or Villa.

Shiatsu – oriental acupressure massage, that began 4000 years ago in the orient. The Chinese observed the healing effect of touching pressure points on the body. The points used in acupressure lie along specific lines in the body called “meridians”, with stimulation moving the energy flowing through your body.   Sabine

Indian head massage – a wonderful head-shoulder-neck massage, which is based on the old ayurvedic healing system. Very good against headache, neck stiffness and emotional stress – a near miracle.   Sabine

Classical sports massage – whole body massage for sportsmen and women, after or before great strains. Great for the rehabilitation of sport injuries. Also great for people, who are exposed to a constant one-sided strain by their profession or sport. Take a break and spoil and heal your body!  Sabine

Salon prices from …

Shiatsu – Massage 60 min. Euro 50
Indian Head Massage 30 min. Euro 30
Sports Massage 30 min.
60 min.
Euro 40
Euro 60

Cranio Sacral Therapy

Cranio Sacral Therapy is a fully clothed treatment that produces profound relaxation. Gentle specific moves performed by the therapist identify areas of imbalance, and in turn facilitate the body’s own desire to self-correct.

The Cranio Sacral system and the techniques used offer a bridge between objective medicine and spiritual healing. This therapy focuses on problem solving: it enhances vitality, boosts the immune system, improves spinal cord function and reduces the accumulated stress we suffer in our busy lives

1 hours €60:  

Reiki:  Reflexology: Thai Massage:  also

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