Walks on the Wild Side

Any Nature Sense activity can have a walk or trek tied into it.  However, walks for some don’t ‘capture’ unless there’s a destination.  As the worn phrase goes … it’s the journey that counts.  And in the Wilds of Andalucia? With us, it’s where the excitement begins.   Here’s a few ideas to keep you going until we meet …


Sunflowers with Nature Sense

Your five senses come alive with Nature Sense

Stretch out with all your fives senses. Our team will take you on a unique five senses nature quest. Walking into the National Park from our mountain top base camp into a stunning peaceful glade. Here we will use each of our senses in turn to really tune into nature. We will discover and taste edible plants, listen to the wind and nature, feel the ancient rocks and trees, smell the wild herbs of the Mediterranean and truly see the natural world in a different and deeper way. We will help youl unlock natures secrets  as well as introducing you to a deep and lasting peace of mind and body.

3 to 4 hours €30:  Group rates reduction.


Bolonia with Nature Sense

Walk through History with Nature Sense

Journey to the edge of the known world. We will set off from the ancient Roman ruins of Bolonia and walk along the beautiful wild unspoilt beaches, to where in classical times, the ancients believed the world ended. Behind us lie the Pillars of Hercules and in front a world populated with dragons and sea monsters. This walk will take in the legends of the Greeks, the Phoenicians and the Romans. Your guides will also describe the beautiful and unique wildlife as you walk along some of the wildest and most spectacular beaches in Spain.

3 to 4 hours €30:  Group rates reduction.


Star Sky Nature Sense

Picnic under the stars, experience the magic of nature at night

Midnight feast and stars over Africa. We will guide you on a starlight walk under Europe’s clearest skies. Walking along the beach we will arrive at a magical spot over looking Africa, where we will teach you the names and the legends of the great constellations, show you the planets and the milky way through binoculars and telescopes. Our bushcraft expert will also teach you how to navigate using just the stars as the ancients did in this very spot. When we have finished we will open your hamper of food and wine and you can eat your evening meal watching the moon rise over Africa.

3 to 4 hours €50:  Group rates reduction.

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