Artisan Bread Making

From Grain to Loaf

Set in a beautiful 2000 year old water mill, we have invited some of the top bread makers in Britain to lead courses on artisan bread making.

We will make our own flour from local organic wheat, spelt and rye using the water powered mill to turn the ancient millstones. We will be led through the benefits of the different types of flours, which is best for out health, how they taste and how to combine them.

Water from above to power the mil below

Water from above to power the mil below

These top bakers will teach us the arts of real bread making, how to create sourdoughs, keep the mother (or chef) for decades, use natural airborne yeasts to raise the dough’s slowly. They will then take us through rising, proving and knocking back.

Then to the bread making its self. We will make sourdough’s, chollas, flat breads, Italian olive oil breads, the local pan macho of Tarifa and many other incredible recipes.

We will bake these breads, pizzas and cakes in the original brick wood fired bread oven. Learn how to light, maintain and cook in these traditional ovens – we will even provide a masterclass on how to construct your own.

Nothing is wasted in the process and as the heat slowly subsides we will roast local garlic infused lamb and beef in the oven for the evening meals (vegetarian options too), then during the last phase of oven cooling we will dry tomatoes and mushrooms for you to eat or take home.

You will be provided with folders containing all of the recipes as well as a resource pack and instructions of how to build your own wood fired oven.

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