Hot Nature

Gym memberships, treadmills, rooms crammed full with equipment and sweaty people. errr!  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a workout that was a breath of fresh air instead?

Beach Boxing Hot Nature

Beach Fit Hot Nature

The idea of being indoors in a musty gym just can’t compare to working out under a blue sky – even better – the wildness of Tarifa – mountain and sea to challenge you (so much better than a digital display. )

For everyone that’s experienced a Hot Nature break they have come back fitter and more alive than any trip to the gym.  We say – forget the gym; get outside! Not only will you get in the best shape of your life, but you will so enjoy the experience.

Hot Nature  also hosts like minded organisations and groups.   Having worked in the past with MovNat and having helped Earth Strength in it’s development stages,with many of it’s foundational ideas.  Like us they are all about Outdoors, Fitness and  meeting people that are like minded;  Active, fun, and always trying to challenge their fitness level- no matter where you are starting from!    We offer great work outs and workshops, mornings, evenings, weekends or weeks!   Further because it’s Nature – the experience is different every season.  In fact every time, as we are always discovering new tracks into the hills and in hidden coves.

Where you Live.
Near by – Costa del Sol / Gibraltar.  We can do morning, eventing and office Hot Nature

Forest Woman Hot Nature

Forest Woman Hot Nature

work outs.  If you’re coming from the UK, Germany, Netherlands …  We create a package of Hot Nature that will have you – as they say in Spain ‘Caliente’ … Hot in every sense of the word!

How Fit?
All levels are welcome! If you’re the fresh off sofa – we reccommend our Cool Nature programme, cooler in every sense perhaps!.  But as a guide eEverything is tailored –  For your group, organisation or to join one of our groups.

What is included.  Staying Longer
Picnics, Smoothies and Water from fresh springs that we fill up especially from the mountains …. and more.  Of course if you’re on a week end or week long Hot Nature, we have a full programme including accommodation and a great breath of ways to get fit.  Including bikes, climbing, swimming, paddle, massage, yoga … and relaxation.

Long Fitness Hot Nature

Stretch Hot Nature

There’s so much going on with Nature Sense Hot Nature.

What about Yoga Paddle Fit– a fitness camp style class in the sand, that continues for core work on the board. While the Yoga uses the board as our mat as we float, relax, connect with nature and stretch your body.

yoga sup hot nature

Yoga SUP Hot Nature

Bottom Line … Prices start at €25 …. group size depending.
Who’s my Teacher we have a fit team –  the person fits to the group.  Super fit, regular fit and love-to-run-for-chocolate fit .. we’ve all bases covered.

Contact for Booking

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